Introducing Reppublika, a user-centric toolbox for data-driven analytics.

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Because its data is steered by tracking user behavior, Reppublika can rank every single online service, cross-device, according to usage and reach. It can furthermore analyse the flows of traffic between websites, and drill down to the demographic profile of each site’s users on some 40 attributes such as gender, age, education, family status, even car or pet ownership. This means you can assess each site's performance versus the competition, and also choose the best websites for running an ad campaign, based on where your particular target group (e.g. dog owners in their 30s) is likely to be found.

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Reppublika Ratings+ measures app and browser usage through its own, representative online research panels. Participating users voluntarily install on all their devices a specialist software tool that tracks usage across all visited services. The resulting data is extrapolated and projected across the online population, and can be access through a user-friendly dashboard that allows filtering and detailed breakdowns.

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for Publishers

Reppublika Ratings+ for Publishers provides media agencies, planning tools and ratings services with data on reach and user structure across the spectrum of a country's online offer, all based on the user-centric tracking process of Reppublika Ratings+ -- with the guarantee of our proprietary, representative online research panels and the accuracy of world-class tracking software.

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Campaign Control

Reppublika Campaign Control is the ultimate control center for monitoring and optimising your online advertising campaign: it measures impressions and target group accuracy, and utilises automated viewer surveys to establish the effectiveness of your ad based on predefined Key Performance Indicators such as Recall, Recognition, Appeal and Purchase Probability. No more guesswork or waiting to assess a campaign after it is finished and the budget spent -- tweak and correct in real time, see results already a few hours later.

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Reppublika is a Spin-off of market research company MindTake Research. When we started working with behavioral data in MindTake and saw that we are sitting on data that was not accessible through other sources on the Austrian market we started developing Reppublika to provide a user centric reach measurement tool. We then also added several more modules for real time ad efficiency testing and real time search engine insights. Within the first months we could win all media agencies and other lidding publishers and key brands as customers.


Our vision is to make data more usable by more people in real-time. Only very few people were dealing with market research in the past because it used to be too complex. Also data was never available in real time. We want to change this. We want to create an easy to use toolbox that allows people to make data work for them in an easy and playful way in real time to gain customer insights, do competitor analysis, improve the proerfomance of ad campaigns, and ask questions quicker.


The technology we use depends on the module of Reppublika that is used. Generally we work with different data sources. Behavioral data tracking within a predefined user base acreoss devices. Market research panels. Cookie tracking. For analyzing data we use various statistical methods.

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